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Welcome to The St. Bess Football Club Killa Beez Website

St. Bess Football Club is located in Lacovia, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica.
The Killa Beez squad is the premiere football club in St. Bess.

Thanks to all our fans and supporters. Although we didn’t achieve our ultimate goal, we had a great season, buzzing with energy and love and strength from our fans.
St. Bess Football Club congratulates our whole team, staff and organization on work well done; however, we not done – we are  working diligently to improve our team’s strength in performance. And if nothing else, we will enjoy weself next season.
So, everyone and ones, nuff love, respect and honor.Our goal still is to be the first football club to represent St. Elizabeth in the Premier League.
Up. Beez Up! Level Up!
It’s Showtime.