St. Bess Killa Beez Sting Vere in Second Leg of The SCCSL Semifinals

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Yesterday, our St. Bess Killa Beez swarmed and pulled out a thrilling win, coming back from a 0-2 deficit against Vere FC at STETHS in Santa Cruz. Last week Sunday, the teams clashed in the first leg, which ended in a 1-1 draw on Vere’s home field. But this Sunday was sweet revenge against the said team that kicked St. Bess out of a chance to advance to the Premiere League two years ago (2016) in the South Central Confed Super League Final. This Sunday was a day of redemption, a day of overcoming and a day of guts and glory.

Tension hung damp in the air when St. Bess fell behind by two goals, one which was a free kick that slipped through goalkeeper Julian “Rammy” McLeish’s hands. But when Nacquain “Tray” Brown drilled in St. Bess’s first goal off a solid build up in the Vere 18, the crowded stands burst with with energy from the St. Bess faithful.

Even when Vere scored next, bringing their early lead up to 3-1, St. Bess super-coach Lynval “Palla” Wilson states that he never doubted his squad. “This team is a never die. You know, the attitude that they display in the training, on the pitch, off the pitch, they have heart.” And sure enough, his team kept fighting until center-half Nick Jay White scored a spectacular header off a corner right before half time, bringing St. Bess within a single goal (2-3).

Suspense was knife-sharp when the second half kicked off. Minutes in, Kevon “Showtime” Woodley flicked in his first goal, a diving header (off another header) to the far post. And this was the point that St. Bess grabbed full match momentum like a bull by its horns. Pure energy exploded both on the pitch and in the stands.

The next goal up in St. Bess’ feeding frenzy came off when Showtime broke away and squared off against  the Vere goalie one on one. The goalie, caught like a shark in a net, rushed out and kicked the Trinbagonian down, stretchering him off the field. This led to Tray’s second goal, a penalty which was drilled into the back of Vere’s net. The score was now 4-3 in the home team’s favor. But still, the swarm wasn’t done.

The next score came when the Killa Beez buzzed a counter-attacked off a solid Vere challenge. Tray zipped down the flank and crossed a ball which the Vere goalie fumbled right onto Chris Andrew “Gugu” Dixon feet. Gugu bored it in and now the outcome could no longer be in doubt.

The final goal, came when Gugu got kicked down and stretchered off. Showtime scored his second goal of the match, stinging in the subsequent penalty kick.

Next up for the St. Bess Killa Beez is a showdown in the South Central Confed Super League Final against the other semifinal winner, Dunbeholden.

~ Kaya Omodele



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