Coach Lynval ‘Palla’ Wilson Confident About Our St. Bess Killa Beez

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In his first season as coach of the St. Bess Killa Beez, celebrated veteran coach Lynval “Palla” Wilson is bringing the St. Bess Football Club on the edge of where no other football team has gone before: on the verge of placing a St. Elizabeth squad into the Jamaica Red Stripe Premier League. All he has do is win the final against Dunbeholden (of St. Catherine); then, run a playoff spot of four teams, where the top two teams will earn a shot in the Premiership. Although St. Bess FC has played well in previous seasons, advancement into the Premier League has eluded us. But now, we get the sense that this time is different.


“We will be more focused this time because we know its this one shot and we decided from day one when we started, we wanna have one shot going into the Premiere League.” ~ Coach “Palla”


Last Saturday night, the night before the second leg of the SCC Super League Semifinal against Vere United, Coach predicted a three point win margin for St. Bess. To keep it full 100, Palla said the match would end three-nil (3-0) for St. Bess, when it actually was 6-3. C

oach Palla raved confidently about his team to club President and the CEO over the phone.
To get an assessment from his coach, the club president asked, “Coach, how you feel about your team?”
“I feel good about the training. They well prepared. They fit, fitter than the rest,” Palla replied. “And they tough. They nah go just lay down and die.”

So said, so done. As it was written…

And the rest is history. The next day in the Semis, after falling down 0-2 and 1-3, the Mighty, Might St. Bess Killa Beez dug in and resurrected themselves, leaving no doubt about their never-die spirit. Since Palla has took the reigns of this team, his contribution has been immeasurable. The team is indeed more focused and tough, but also we’re buzzing with confidence and stinging with swag. And now, with Coach Linval Wilson guiding the youth, we swarming into the Finals and beyond.
Catch this train, St. Bess people and the whole of Jamaica in general … St. Bess FC Killa Beez to the world.

~ Kaya Omodele

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