Interview With St. Bess FC Killa Bee Chris Andrew “Gugu” Dixon

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Greetings. When I spoke with Killa Bee midfelder Chris Andrew Dixon, “Gugu”, he was at physiotherapy for a minor football injury. But his dedication to the St. Bess was unquestionable as he took time to speak to me about the football club, and that rang true as he had just come from morning training not too long before.

What do you love about playing for St. Bess FC?
Gugu: Well, what I love most about this team , this Saint Bess team, is the camaraderie and the love of the managers, players, is the love that each of us show each other; and, also the fighting spirit, the never-die spirit of this team.

Who on the team do you look up to as like a verteran or like when you’re on the field and things are down, is the one person besides yourself, who really will come through and who you in sync with on the ballfield like who you know that no matter what, this man will really pick it up and give we arms and ammunition in this fight and pull we through? Who you can look up to on the team as a verteran that way?
Gugu: Well, as I told you before, you know, it’s all about the team. Each player on the team can look up to each other; each player on the team can help each other to get up when they are down. So its all about the team. You can look for that extra push in everyone that’s on this team because whenever we down, we fight together to rise again. Is not a one man thing or a two man thing, you know? Is a team thing. Yeah, Man.

So tell me something about Gugu that the world don’t know, something that maybe nobody don’t know, something that you went through that people don’t know that might surprise them if they knew you?
Gugu: I’m just a humble yute.

You nervous about the match (Finals) next week?
Gugu:No need to nervous. The preparation thus far going well. So come next week in the match we just have to go out there and deliver. It’s a final. It’s a players’ thing, Ok?

Which ballers you look up to as a youth when you were growing up – any baller, international, Jamaican baller?
Gugu: Sergio Busquet

Any other interests other than football? Any hobbies or interest you may be passionate about?
Gugu: I want to become an entrepreneur.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Gugu: On the international stage.

Great interview, Gugu. Thanks for your time, Youth.

Gugu: Respect!

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